VTuber stars Ironmouse, Shylily crest top 10 female Twitch streamer list for 2022

VTubers Ironmouse and ShylilyTwitch: Ironmouse / YouTube: Shylily

Some of VTubing’s biggest names, VShojo’s Ironmouse and indie star Shylily, have made waves in 2022, cresting Twitch’s top 10 female streamer list for 2022 according to Streams Charts . It comes after a mega year of growth for the duo, and the medium as a whole.

The accolades keep rolling in for VTubers in the streaming world, as the medium continues to increase its presence in the wider space.

While YouTube is the historic home of the virtual creators, in 2022, Amazon-owned rival Twitch saw a surge in popularity for VTubers. That’s now been reflected in cold hard numbers, with Ironmouse and Shylily being named some of the biggest female streamers on the platform.

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According to Streams Charts, Ironmouse was the second most popular female creator on Twitch, gathering 20.51 million hours watched across 2022. Shylily was ninth, with 11.27 million hours.

The two of them had some of the highest streaming hours on the site too, with 2,050 and 2,233 hours respectively.

They also both experienced significant individual growth. Shylily only debuted her current VTuber model in January 2022, catapulting from around 20,000 followers to nearly 1 million in the 12 months

Ironmouse became the most-followed VTuber on the platform after her subathon, ending the year at around 1.4 million followers. She also still holds the record for the most concurrent subscribers for a female content creator of more than 170,000.

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Ironmouse and Shylily are not the only two VTubers to find success on Twitch. In fact, the medium as a whole has been thriving, with the VTuber tag being listed as one of the top five on the platform across 2022.

There are already big plans in place for 2023 too. Mousey has just revealed her first 3D concert will be held on her birthday later in January, while Shylily is continuing the grind to 1 million followers and beyond.

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