New Hololive member IRyS makes biggest debut in VTuber history

New Hololive member IRyS makes biggest debut in VTuber historyHololive

A VSinger named IRyS is the latest member to join the popular VTuber group Hololive, and she just made the biggest debut in history with nearly 100,000 concurrent viewers on YouTube.

Hololive is at the forefront of the VTuber craze on YouTube. They describe themselves as a talent agency that manages more than 50 virtual creators, all of which are taking the internet by storm, including their latest members, IRyS.

IRyS, who the company describes as a half-demon, half-angel, has been sent to “deliver hope” to people in the form of her lyrics, songs, and determination.

And if her debut stream is anything to go by, it seems like the masses can’t get enough of her.

New Hololive member IRyS makes biggest debut in VTuber historyHololive
IRyS’ first stream happened on July 11, 2021.

Before her first stream went live, she already had nearly 250,000 subscribers on YouTube. Once she did, it climbed even more as 100,000 people tuned in to see what she’s all about. And she didn’t disappoint.

IRyS introduced herself and proceeded to charm the socks off her viewers right out of the gate.

She talked about who she is, what she’s all about, and even performed a song — fitting considering she’s a part of their new vocal group, Project HOPE.

She might not be as popular as Gawr Gura — not yet, anyway. She’ll need more than 3 million subscribers for that. But it was still the biggest debut in VTuber history, and a sign that the craze isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

What is Hololive’s Project HOPE?

IRyS is the first member of Hololive’s Project HOPE, a new generation of talent that seems to be all about one thing: restoring hope to the world. And based on what we’ve seen, maybe they will really help make a difference.

Fans already can’t wait to see what other characters will follow in her footsteps and the inevitable collaboration that will happen between them.

But in the meantime, there will still be plenty of IRyS’ content to enjoy. So, don’t forget to check her out on the official YouTube channel, as well as on Twitter, where she already boasts 200,000 followers.