Adept claims she’s been married to xQc for three years in scathing Twitch stream

Adept on TwitchTwitch: Adept

In a sudden scathing Twitch stream on May 31, Adept claimed she has been married to xQc for three years amongst a string of other revelations about their relationship. 

xQc and Adept’s divorce has been anything but amicable. Aired out in public for all to see, the split has been well publicized. From xQc having to shut down his stream suddenly, to the Twitch star’s McLaren technically being under her name, regular viewers have seen and learned a great deal about the private matter. 

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However, despite the secrecy, the couple came out to confirm they had been dating since early 2021. Now though, disputing that claim, Adept argued in her latest broadcast that they’ve supposedly been married for the past three years.

In a sudden and short stream on May 31, Adept started off by outlining everything she was about to discuss was purely “educational”, as to tell her viewers things to avoid in their own relationships. 

She began the discussion by mentioning that “sexual night terrors are not a real thing”, which she would constantly mention throughout the entire stream. Possibly in reference to xQc’s widely known problems with sleep terrors.

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Before long, the stream would slowly devolve into her talking about her marriage with xQc, all while avoiding any mention of his name, likely due to the ongoing legal case. Saying she wants to tell the “truth. I’ve been trying to tell the truth for a long time.”

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“This is my wedding ring” she then said while showing it to the camera. “This wedding ring was purchased on May 8, wasn’t that the day of the receipt? And I didn’t buy it, and that’s a truthful statement.

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“I’ve been married for three years, that’s a truthful statement.”

She even showed a long call history from callers with no ID, in which she alluded that it was all made by xQc on May 15. It was on May 15 when xQc abruptly ended his stream without much explanation, and in connecting the dots, it now seems it had to do with Adept. 

Obviously, it’s worth taking claims from both parties with a grain of salt for the time being. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted as any further details emerge.

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