Fans think YouTuber Heyzeus accidentally face revealed in this viral TikTok

Calum Patterson
heyzeus youtube logo

Popular CS:GO skins YouTuber HeyZeus has never revealed his face, preferring to keep a low profile, but his attempts to keep his appearance private may have been foiled – as fans are convinced he’s been spotted in a now-viral TikTok.

While most YouTubers and Twitch streamers will have a face cam, there are plenty who don’t, and are just as successful. For some, it’s even part of their intrigue, such as Corpse Husband.

HeyZeus is one such creator. He makes videos about CS:GO skins and skin trading, often telling the stories of traders, trading websites, and the community, and has over 300,000 subscribers. But, he’s never shown his face.

But, judging by a TikTok video posted by Jamie Zhu, Zeus’s face may have been ‘leaked’ — after a man who sounds identical to him, and is a YouTuber, was interviewed in the street.

HeyZeus face reveal?

Although not confirmed, there’s no denying the incredible similarity in the voice heard in the clip and HeyZeus himself – who has a rather particular accent and way of speaking.

Despite confirming he is a YouTuber, the man in the video refuses to reveal his channel name — something fans think is further evidence that it’s HeyZeus.

The TikTok now has over 9 million views, much more than Jamie Zhu’s other uploads. And the comments are full of HeyZeus fans, absolutely convinced that it’s him.

“Poor HeyZeus. didn’t want a face reveal to his YT but then this is how the face reveal went. tuff,” one commenter wrote.

HeyZeus had actually been hyping up a face reveal if he ever got a back-to-back knife unboxing. Given the odds of getting a knife in CS:GO are around 400/1, getting two in a row was an exceptionally unlikely possibility.

Others think HeyZeus was probably fine with the video, given he would know how recognizable his voice is: “that voice is way too recognizable for Zeus to be doing this.”

Zeus hasn’t responded to the viral TikTok to deny that it is him either, despite being pestered with it on Twitter, perhaps hoping to draw less attention to it. But with over 9 million views, it looks like the cat may be out of the bag.