Fans convinced Lady Gaga’s new TikTok isn’t actually her

Virginia Glaze

Lady Gaga’s newest TikTok video is sending fans for a loop as they can barely recognize the famous singer-songwriter, with some joking she’s got a doppelganger.

Lady Gaga, like many other celebrities, has a substantial following on multiple social media platforms where fans can leave comments and keep up with her latest projects.

While the singer’s posts often garner millions of likes each, her latest video on TikTok is sparking a conversation of a different kind as fans are going slack-jawed over her appearance.

On May 17, Gaga uploaded a video advertising her makeup brand, Haus Labs. However, it’s not the company’s new lippies that have fans going ‘Gaga’ — instead, it’s the ‘Applause’ singer’s looks that has them raising an eyebrow.

Lady Gaga’s newest TikTok sparks wild theories about her appearance

In the clip, Gaga does look a bit different, although it’s hard to put a finger on what exactly has changed about her.

Some fans have speculated that she’s simply lost weight, while others theorized that she’s gotten a body double to stand in for her social media posts.

Still others have joked that it’s actually Miley Cyrus cosplaying as her in the video. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that viewers are picking up a significant difference in Gaga’s appearance, and it’s making for quite an interesting conversation.

“My mind is fighting over deciding whether this is Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga,” one commenter joked.

“This might not be Lady Gaga?” another said. “Am I crazy?”

“Ok, Ozempic Gaga wasn’t on my bingo card,” another said, referencing a drug by the same name used to treat both diabetes and aid in weight loss.

Lady Gaga TikTok comments copy
Commenters were divided about Lady Gaga’s appearance in her latest TikTok.

Taking a peek at Gaga’s Instagram, it does look as though she has lost weight, although it cannot be certain the singer used a drug to achieve her weight loss results.

Gaga is also starring in the upcoming Joker sequel alongside Joaquin Phoenix, which is set to release in October 2024.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity’s appearance has sent TikTok into a frenzy; just last month, pop star Ariana Grande sparked concern from fans after they claimed she had lost a lot of weight.