Ariana Grande fires back at fans who think she’s “too skinny”

Ariana Grande in her TikTok videosTikTok: @arianagrande

Ariana Grande confronted fans who were criticizing her figure, saying that she looks “too skinny” or “sick” in recent photos taken of the singer.

Ariana Grande uploaded a video to her personal TikTok in which she condemned the behavior of people making various remarks about her health and her weight loss.

NoahGlennCarter broke down the situation in his April 12 video where he said: “Ariana Grande just addressed everyone’s concerns about her body. Many people were concerned for Ariana Grande saying they didn’t recognize her and that she looks too skinny now.”

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Ariana stated in her own video that even if some of the concern came from fans who care about her health she still thinks “we should be gentler and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies.”

Ariana Grande addresses concerns about her health and weight

An outpour of support flooded the comment section under Ariana’s TikTok, thanking her for standing up for people of all sizes.

“This made me cry omg, we love you so much and you’re gorgeous,” wrote one user. “Needed to hear all of this today. Thank you for sharing some love,” another said.

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Before another user expressed her gratitude towards the message of the TikTok: “Someone asked me if I was pregnant today, it wrecked me. I needed this.”

“A lesson so many people on social media need to learn! Thank you,” commented another.

A similar situation happened to Shane Dawson back in 2020 when he faced the “trolls” insulting him over his weight.

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