Fans concerned for Jamie Foxx after his first public appearance following hospitalization

Christy Mathew
Jamie Foxx on a boat

Jamie Foxx appeared in public after being hospitalized for health issues for quite some time. However, his appearance has only made fans more worried about the star.

Jamie Foxx’s daughter posted on social media in April that he had been hospitalized at an Atlanta hospital for a “medical complication.”

Now, a video posted by TMZ has concerned fans about the health condition of the actor after his hospitalization. He was seen in a boat on the Chicago River along with some family members, and other guests.

Foxx was waving at fans with one hand as he weaved a peace sign. Reportedly, he looked “pretty vibrant, and happy to see fans as well.”

Fans concerned with Jamie’s public appearance

Reacting to the viral video, fans expressed their concern for the actor’s health on social media. Some users even thought it was a clone, while others worried that Jamie’s health condition was still serious.

Others were confused with his choice of making an appearance on a boat rather than a car.

Twitter user Health Ranger reposted the video and wrote, “Jamie Foxx filmed NOT walking, NOT talking, and only waving with one arm, all of which is consistent with a stroke victim who still has motor control over half his body, but not so much the other half.”

They also hope that the actor recovers quickly, but disagreed with people who think this video proves he is completely okay.

Some fans argued that it looks like Jamie is just relaxing or steering the boat. Others pointed out that a stroke victim would not be allowed to be on a boat, unattended.

Meanwhile, some fans questioned why someone would wave with both their arms. “People usually wave with one arm. Nothing shows that he doesn’t have control of half his body.”

There has been no response from Jamie or his family after fans’ confusion and speculation about his health.