Fans concerned for ASMR YouTuber Jisu Sentiment after worrying posts

YouTube: Jisu Sentiment

Fans of ASMR YouTuber Jisu Sentiment have become increasingly concerned after a series of troubling posts suggesting mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.

Jisu Sentiment has over 600,000 subscribers on his ASMR YouTube channel, often racking up hundreds of thousands of views on his videos.

His most recent upload at the time of writing, which was posted on April 8, was titled ‘Final Video.’ The video itself, while not specifically about mental health issues, details difficulty creating his style of content, but also says in the description that he “still doesn’t know when his last days will come.”

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He then adds at the end of the video description that he “might just leave the world altogether.”

Jisu Sentiment YouTube video called Final VideoYouTube: Jisu Sentiment
Jisu Sentiment uploaded a YouTube video called ‘Final Video.’

Then, late on April 12, Jisu posted a picture of an almost empty glass to the Community tab on his YouTube channel, captioning it “You did a great job in this life :).”

This came after several updates, including one that read “I’m so depressed to constantly not be able to make videos. I really want to give up altogether. Please tell me you won’t leave.”

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Naturally, these Community posts received hundreds of comments in support of Jisu, urging him to seek help or reach out to someone to speak about what is going on.

Jisu Sentiment empty glass Community YouTube postYouTube: Jisu Sentiment
Jisu Sentiment had fans worried with this Community post.

He also went live to talk to his fans, discussing his suicidal thoughts and reminding his fans that they are “forcing him to live.”

Naturally, fans and peers alike are incredibly concerned for Jisu’s wellbeing. With the rise in mental health issues among creators, and the sad loss of the likes of Twitch streamers Ohlana and Reckful has really made fans more aware of the struggles of their favorite influencers.

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If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or know anyone that is, and you would like to talk to someone, please reach out and call the Suicide Prevention Helpline 1-800-273-8255 (USA), the Samaritans 116-123 (UK), or Lifeline 13-11-14 (AUS).

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