Fans concerned as Corinna Kopf announces break from social media

Virginia Glaze
Corinna Kopf, Instagram / The Hollywood Fix, YouTube

While popular YouTuber Fortnite pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, she’s even become a regular Twitch streamer, but recent posts from Kopf are inciting concern across her fanbase.

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While Kopf has been known to vent her frustrations on Twitter before, the YouTuber’s Tweets in late June are sounding off alarm bells for some fans, who speculate that relationship troubles could be brewing between Tfue and his lady love.

Kopf posted a Tweet on June 21 that revealed some conflicting feelings for the YouTuber, writing, “I care too much about other people’s feelings to do what’s best for my own.”

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Kopf later tweeted out a simple sad face emoji, but that post was quickly deleted, followed by a much more concerning message on June 30.

“Just a little heads up, I’m going to be taking some time off of social media,” she announced. “Maybe a few days. Ily guys.”

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Although many fans came out in support of Kopf, some are questioning her current relationship status, with others placing the full blame on Tfue for reasons as yet unrevealed.

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“What did you do now, Tfue?” one commenter asked.

“Bro, Tfue don’t need no feelings dawg,” another user wrote.

Kopf’s June 30 Tweet follows another concerning statement made during a live stream on June 21, where she claimed that she was upset with Tfue for not following through when the two make plans.

“I can’t tell you how many times he tells me he’s gonna do something and I sit there and fucking watch him play,” Kopf explained. “If you say we’re gonna play, let’s fucking play.”

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The two even jokingly “broke up” during a joint stream on June 27, with Kopf “complaining” that Tfue isn’t “putting in effort” to visit her in Los Angeles, while she flies cross country to visit him on a regular basis.

While neither Tfue nor Kopf have yet to explain her social media hiatus in greater detail, fans are waiting with bated breath for further updates from the couple in light of Kopf’s apparently distressing posts.

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