School responds after video of students licking toes for fundraiser goes viral

Meera Jacka
School responds after video of students licking toes for fundraiser goes viral

Deer Creek School District has responded after a viral video showed their students licking each other’s toes for a fundraiser.

An Oklahoma school district has been facing mass backlash after a video went viral showing students licking and sucking on toes in hopes of raising money.

Obtained first by Fox 25, the video showed four students lying facedown on the ground. In front of each student was a pair of bare feet, with the crowd going wild as the students began to lick and suck on the toes presented to them.

Now, the school has responded to the backlash, claiming the incident took place during a fundraiser for Not Your Average Joe Coffee, whose mission is to employ and inspire “students and adults with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities.”

According to a statement obtained by Fox 25, the students involved had paid to participate in an assembly called “Clash of Classes” that saw ninth through to twelfth graders compete in various “student-organized class competitions.”

“All participants in the assembly were students who signed up for the game(s) they played ahead of time,” the statement read. It went on to claim that “No Deer Creek faculty or staff participated in any of the games during this Clash of Classes assembly.”

“Many dedicated students gave generously of their personal time to achieve this momentous accomplishment, which will serve communities beyond the boundaries of Deer Creek.”

According to Deer Creek High School, students were able to raise a grand total of $152,830.38, with the school thanking all patrons, businesses, and sponsors for their contributions.

However, many remain outraged at the “disgusting” competition, with one person writing on X, “The event was at a school but not one school official participated? Who organized it? That’s a pretty pathetic response. Whoever wrote it sure tried to cover up the disgusting event by pointing out how much money they raised.”

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