Fan sends Twitch streamer TheDanDangler $10,000 cash for “butt surgery”

Michael Gwilliam
thedandangler gets 10k from fan to pay for butt surgery

An anonymous fan has paid for popular Twitch streamer TheDanDangler’s expensive Brazilian butt lift surgery by sending her a box filled with $10,000 cash.

TheDanDangler is one of Twitch’s most controversial streamers having received a handful of bans from the platform, but her content has resulted in some adoring fans with money to spend.

On January 10, the OnlyFans star revealed that an anonymous fan who had been watching her “since the CoD days” send her a whopping cash gift filled with hundred dollar bills.

Despite the fan not sharing their name, TheDanDangler is determined to find out their identity and is urging them to come forward.

TheDanDangler gets $10,000 cash gift from a fan

In a post on Twitter, the streamer shared some photos of the expensive gift and a special handwritten letter that came with it.

The fan, who revealed they follow all of her social media accounts, revealed they wanted to do something nice for her after discovering she had a surgery coming up.

“In this package you will find some things I hope make you feel better,” they wrote. “I also would like to pay for the cost of your procedure, so on top of the goodies, you will also find $10K cash.”

For her part, TheDanDangler is eager to find out who sent the package and is trying to do everything she can to make them come forward.

“Bro someone paid for my butt surgery. WTF I will find you!” she exclaimed. “Whoever did this please send me a message. I would like to thank you. I know you want to be anonymous, but this is too much to not say thank you personally.”

This isn’t the first streamer to get a huge surprise in the mail. Last year, Amouranth was sent $70K cash, bodyguard service, and a new iPhone as part of a “self-defense” care package.

So far, no one has stepped up and admitted to sending the money, so the identity of the mystery fan remains a mystery. That said, if anyone would like to send this humble reporter $10,000, my email address is in my bio.

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