Family feud turns into violent graveyard brawl with machetes and axes

families fight in graveyard with machetes and axesTwitter/South Wales Police

A group of armed men turned a cemetery into a battleground after a family feud reached violent new levels.

Footage of an over-the-top brawl between members of an extended family is going viral after the men attacked each other with machetes and axes.

We all have at least one family member we don’t like, but 13 people from one family took things to the extreme in a cemetery after attending a graveside blessing.

The brutal brawl took place in Morriston Cemetery in Swansea back in August of 2022, but footage of the fight has only just been released – and it’s definitely a melee for the ages.

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Armed men fight in cemetery as family feud goes extreme

According to Sky News, a group of armed men showed up as members of both sides of the family were at the graveyard.

The viral dashcam footage shows James Coffey inside of his van when a black Volkswagen collides with another car, resulting in him giving chase.

A hammer-wielding man also joined the fray and launched a brick at his rivals before a large group of people with weapons turned the violence up a notch.

Eventually, Coffey came back with blood gushing down his neck and drove off before eventually picking up combatants, one of which had a machete. Needless to say, not even Steve Harvey could referee this family feud.

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The brawl did not come without its consequences, however. 13 people were charged and 7 ended up being jailed as a result of the clash.

“This was an absolutely appalling incident that would have terrified those in the cemetery in the middle of the day,” Detective Chief Inspector Mike Owens said. “The group, who are all known to each other, committed violent offenses in the middle of the cemetery and were seen using weapons against each other.”

weapon used in graveyard brawlSouth Wales Police
One of the weapons used in the melee.

Owens added that this behavior “won’t be tolerated” and warned that anyone caught committing these acts “will face the consequence of their actions.”

Amazingly, this isn’t the only viral brawl to shock the internet recently. Notably, a Taco Bell became violent when an employee hit female customers, and a restaurant chair fight got ugly when a group of girls started pistol-whipping a man.

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