Exclusive: Supercar Blondie reveals future plans for content ahead of Craig David F1 race

Alice Hearing
Supercar Blondie and Craig David

Alex ‘Supercar Blondie’ Hirschi and Craig David are set to go head-to-head in a virtual F1 race in a new series from VELO, supported by McClaren racing. 

This year Supercar Blondie reached a massive milestone of more than 30 million followers on Facebook, and with a whopping 8.3 million followers on Instagram and 5.32 million subscribers on YouTube, she is now the biggest social media star for supercars.

On February 6, fans of Blondie and UK singer Craig David will be able to watch them go head to head in a virtual F1 race which is part of a four-part VELO ESERIES, presented by ex-Top Gear host and TV presenter, Rory Reid.

The series will see top celebrities go head-to-head against internet sensations. Each series will be split into three episodes with this being the first. It includes a masterclass episode with the celebrities showcasing their craft. VELO fans will then participate in qualifiers to join the virtual grid before the final ‘Beat Your Heroes’ episode of the live-streamed race event which sees fans race against the celebrities.

Supercar Blondie virtual F1 race against Craig David
Blondie and Craig David met up at McLaren’s HQ in Woking UK

Speaking to Dexerto, Blondie explained that on the day of filming, she and Craig first took part in a series of exercises that F1 drivers use to build up strength, which includes getting into a racecar simulator that has a weighted steering wheel. In the first speed test, Blondie said that “Craig beat me hands down… it’s harder than it looks”

While Blondie is the biggest automotive creator in the world, she still gets starstruck by mainstream celebrities, even with a plethora of contacts in the world of entertainment.

“I don’t really know who is watching my stuff because I’m just talking into a camera, and then I meet these celebs and they’re like ‘oh I watched this video of you driving this car and that was awesome’ and I’m just like ‘YOU’re watching my videos!! That’s so cool, I’m listening to your music!” she said.

Supercar Blondie Craig David virtual F1 race
The race will be live-streamed on VELO’s YouTube channel on February 6

The creator recalled how she’s connected with huge celebrities from Paris Hilton to Usher through the world of supercars and even mentioned how she recently woke up to a message from none other than Justin Bieber asking her about a car he wanted to use in one of his music videos.

And it’s not just celebrities that she’s excited about viewing her content. Blondie is passionate about bringing people together, because “I think people underestimate how big of a part cars really do play in our lives…even if you’re not a car lover you’re around cars every single day of your life.

“I’ve proven you can be successful you can take a niche like cars and actually make it relevant to a wider audience. What I try and do with my videos is appeal to everyone.”

What’s next for Supercar Blondie?

“My next goal is to have the biggest audience full-stop when it comes to cars,” she said, revealing that she has been working on building a website that she wants to be the “Go-to website for everything car-related.” That includes celebrity car news, the latest car releases, massive giveaways, and potentially even a hub for buying and selling. Several TV shows are also in the works.

She also recently expanded her team from just her and her husband to 6 people, who she plans to gradually involve in her videos with her viewers getting to know their personalities.

Blondie explained that she may even expand her work more outside of social media, adding that she cares deeply for animal welfare and feels lucky that she is able to help out with animal welfare groups in the UAE, as she is based in Dubai.

Despite a global health crisis, Supercar Blondie says her business is booming: “I took a step back when it comes to flying around the world, but actually my business this year has grown more than it ever has because we adapted to the change and started expanding and creating more content than we ever have before.

“We really only had to step back from traveling which I’m also thankful for because it was exhausting. Going forward I will be traveling more once restrictions lift but only for specific things…so we will be based in Dubai more and be filming more local content.”

The Craig David and Supercar Blondie race for series 1 is set to take place at 1 PM (GMT) on Saturday, February 6, and will be live-streamed on VELO’s YouTube channel.

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