Ethan Klein celebrates Drake’s new album with haircut live on H3H3 podcast

Sam Comrie
Drake performing and Ethan Klein on h3h3 podcast

Hot off the release of Drake’s new album – Certified Lover Boy – H3H3’s Ethan Klein has debuted his new Drake-inspired trim. 

Drake has pitched into the ongoing album war, with his latest cut Certified Lover Boy. Coming three years after his fifth LP Scorpion, Drake is eager to match contemporaries Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.

In similar surprise fashion to Kanye, the album emerged after numerous billboards hinting towards the album’s guest roster began to be noticed by fans. Notwithstanding its impressive guest spots, the album has been released to mixed response.

To celebrate the release of Certified Lover Boy, H3h3’s Ethan Klein has decided to don a Drake-inspired aesthetic.

Ethan Klein
Ethan Klein has showcased humorous, musical-inspired looks before.

Certified Drake fan

The H3H3 podcast is a place for odd, comedic adventures. Just about anything can happen, especially when Ethan decides to bring some chaotic energy to proceedings. Previously, the content creator displayed music-inspired aesthetics before in the form of his 90s boy band tribute look.

Ditching the frosted tips for a Drake-inspired crew cut, Ethan made the choice to rock this new trim on the H3H3 podcast.

“Gimme that thing. I’ll do it myself,” Klein said as he took the reigns to deliver fans his new look. Acquiring a mirror to finish off his haircut, Klein transformed himself into a mega Drake fan right before his audience’s eyes.

Timestamp: 2:17:47

Instead of opting for a heart outline, Ethan took matters to the next level of fandom by stylising himself a “full fill” heart into his hair. The event was truly something to behold and a real treat for Drake and Klein’s respective fanbase.

“I’m a certified lover boy” declared Ethan to his wife and co-host Hila Klein. Who will be next to join Drake and Klein in style supremacy?