Drake jokes about alleged leaked video during Nashville concert

Bee Delores
Drake performing onstage in a concert

During a recent concert, Drake addressed the alleged leaked video of his privates that went viral online.

Drake found himself at the center of a viral scandal after an explicit video leaked online. The video, which depicted Drake’s bottom half exposed, quickly went viral on Twitter/X, which immediately prompted an explosive reaction from fans.

Reportedly, the rapper addressed the video over a private conversation with popular streamer Adin Ross. “He texted me, he put like eight laughing emojis,” Ross said. However, Drake never posted a response in a public space, either online or in the real world. That is, until now.

Drake appeared to directly confront the video while performing a recent show in Tennessee. The moment came in between songs, and the rapper made a big joke out of the leaked clip.

Drake points at the camera during a livestream event
Drake livestreams on Kick.com

Drake directly addressed the alleged leaked video in concert

On February 8, 2024, Drake performed a sold-out show in Nashville and seemed to address the controversial leaked video. When the crowd finally quieted down, he addressed his fans.

“I know y’all probably waitin’ on me to address this… so the rumors are true,” he quipped. “My dad is here tonight. That’s what y’all were waitin’ on right? My dad is here; he’s in the building…”

As heard in a fan’s filmed video at the show, the crowd tittered over the “joke” in Drake’s first public admission on the matter. The rapper, who did not elaborate on his statement, quickly changed the subject before launching into another song.

Drake has always been one to take things in stride, even if he gets a little heated in the moment. Ahead of the 2024 Grammy Awards, the rapper took to his Instagram Stories to blast the Recording Academy.

“All you incredible artists remember this show isn’t the facts,” he wrote. “It’s just the opinion of a group of people who’s [names] are kept a secret. (Literally you can google it).”

“Congrats to anybody winning anything for hip hop but this show doesn’t dictate sh*t in our world,” he added.

Ironically, Drake is a five-time Grammy winner. In 2013, he took home Best Rap Album for Take Care. After ‘Hotline Bling’ smashed the industry in 2016-17, he walked away with both Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Performance.

As recently as 2023, Drake snagged Best Melodic Rap Performance for his collaboration with Future and Tems called ‘Wait for U.’