Drake slammed for ‘ruining’ 4batz’s act ii: date @ 8 remix

Rory Teale
Drake in brown shirt looking at camera while on stream

Drake was heavily criticized by fans for his performance on 4batz’s ‘Act II: Date @ 8’ remix, with some claiming he ruined the song.

Drake began his career in the limelight as an actor on the teen drama series “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” but really skyrocketed to fame when he began his music career.

Nowadays, it’s hard for someone who hasn’t heard of Drake, especially after he went mega-viral after a “particular” video got leaked.

For most people, Drake’s fame has been well deserved as the artist has produced some of the most popular hits of all time, like “God’s Plan” and the meme-famous “Hotline Bling”.

However, fans of his music weren’t too impressed by his performance on the 4batz’s “Act II: Date @ 8” remix, with some even claiming he completely ruined the song.

Drake in black jacket performing at concert

Drake criticized for “Act II: Date @ 8” performance

4batz shared the remix (the original song has over 80 million listens on Spotify), hoping fans would find the inclusion of Drake’s iconic smooth tones a refreshing update to the hit.

“Yall go get that,” he captioned the post.

However, the majority of people had the complete opposite reaction, with many finding Drake bringing no benefits to the song at all.

“Truthfully Drake wasn’t meant for this song,” complained one 4batz fan. “This is the first time I can say Drake ruined a track,” a Drake fan even admitted.

People listed plenty of other big names they thought would have fitted the mood of the song better, like Brent Faiyaz or SZA:

“Wanted to hear Brent on this ngl,” said one person. “Should’ve been SZA, Drake ruined the vibe,” said another.

Still, not many complaints were directed toward 4batz for including Drake on the remix, pointing out that no artist is turning down a Drake collab.