Jungkook fans swoon as he debuts his new look in Usher TikTok collab

Kawter Abed
Jungkook debuts new haircut in viral dance video with Usher

BTS’ Jungkook has gone viral on TikTok once again after debuting his new short haircut during a dance collaboration with Usher.

Jungkook sent millions of fans into a frenzy this week, when he teamed up with R&B legend Usher for a brand new remix of ‘Standing Next to You.’ 

Now, the BTS main vocalist has started trending across various social media platforms, after sharing a video of him and the American singer dancing to the pop classic ‘Yeah!’ on TikTok.

In the short clip, which has already gone viral with over 14.4 million views, the duo were seen grooving to the 2004 bop as they perfectly synchronized their steps. The ‘Seven‘ hitmaker sported a white baggy sweatshirt with wide-leg jeans, while Usher opted for a casual all-black outfit.

But while the icons were absolutely acing the choreography, it was Jungkook’s new look that mainly caught fans’ attention. The 26-year-old had not only ditched his signature piercings, including his lip rings, he had also unveiled a fresh short haircut.

It didn’t take long for ‘OMG JUNGKOOK’ to trend on Twitter, as ARMYs went gaga over his new hairdo. “The hairstyle is so good,” one fan said. “OMG, your new look makes me lose my mind,” another gushed.

“Jungkook looks unreal with that undercut my jaw literally dropped,” a third added. “The way he looks more sharp and edgy without the lip piercings or long hair,” someone else shared.

Others appreciated the duo’s smooth dance moves. “JK why are you damn good in everything,” one user commented. “Are you kidding, this is something I never knew I needed,” another wrote. “This is too good!! I want to see more,” a third said.

The Usher remix of Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next to You’ is currently dominating the charts, debuting on Spotify with over a million streams. The R&B singer recently shared some photos of the two standing together, sparking speculations of a potential music video in the works.

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