Drake roasted after copying Drew Walls’ viral “day in the life” trend

Bee Delores
Drake showing off his "day in the life" on Instagram

Drake followed in influencer Drew Walls’ footsteps and participated in the “day in the life” Instagram trend, and fans roasted the rapper.

Influencer Drew Walls is known for capturing his everyday routines and sharing tidbits about his life in “day in the life” reels on Instagram. From Target runs to his gym workout, nothing is off-limits.

In one of his recent reels, for example, he showed himself going for a haircut, shopping, and eating in a restaurant. “One thing I love about being an entrepreneur is the freedom I have to do whatever I want when I want. Doing what I love and enjoying life,” he captioned.

Drake decided to get in on the action with a reel posted on January 21. “You tweaking my boi…got me on my bullsh*t,” he captioned the video, tagging Drew Walls’ account. In the clip, the rapper shared a glimpse into his life, from making drinks to getting ready for bed.

Drake points at the camera during a livestream event
Drake livestreams on Kick.com

Drake blasted for entering his “influencer” era

While Drew Walls has yet to react or comment, an army of Drake fans were unafraid to roast the rapper for entering his “influencer” era. “Bro woke up and chose tripod,” wrote on fan.

“Everyone’s favourite influencer,” wrote another.

“Not a grwm!! I like influencer Drake!” echoed a third user.

“Ultimate transition: Blowing hookah smoke into the drink then laying in front of the fireplace and looking off in the distance,” said another user, adding a string of laughing emojis.

“Drake is final level tiktoker boss,” posted Waverooom.

“Free whoever you made film this…,” wrote another.

“Go to Walmart,” laughed a user.

“Tripod Drizzy,” added another.

Clubgodzilla then referred to the recent Mos Def beef, writing, “Having a house this big is definitely hip hop.”

Drake recently made several headlines amidst his beef with hip-hop legend Mos Def, who called the rapper “pop” and “compatible with shopping.” Most recently, the rapper clapped back at Mos Def (again) and called him a “crackhead” in an Instagram comment.

The feud is ongoing, and Mos Def has yet to respond to Drake’s latest comments.