Esfand rushed to hospital on first day in South Korea

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Twitch streamer Esfand has been rushed to hospital after having an accident on the very first day of his trip to South Korea. Esfand was traveling alongside his friends Mizkif, Emily ‘Emiru’ Schunk, ‘AustinShow,’ and ‘PhinTTV’ when he had an unfortunate run-in with an arcade machine.

Mizkif sent fans into an excited frenzy when he announced that he was planning on going to South Korea alongside his friends and fellow creators- Esfand, Emiru, Austin, and Phin.

Keeping fans in the loop about their travels, the group posted a series of tweets showing their excitement about their adventure.

However, it all came to an abrupt halt for Esfand who had to be rushed to the emergency room after he “chipped a bone” while playing against an arcade machine.

As Mizkif started his livestream from South Korea, fans questioned why Esfand had mysteriously disappeared.

Esfand loses fight against arcade machine

As Mizkif began his stream live from South Korea, he explained to confused fans that Esfand would be taking a few days away from the camera. The reason being was that he was in hospital after chipping a bone in his hand.

Mizkif explained that he and Esfand were facing off against each other to see who could throw the hardest punch on an arcade game. However, Esfand made an unfortunate error in his crushing hit.

“He punches up with an open fist and immediately starts grabbing his thumb,” Austin claimed. “Next thing you know, we’re in a taxi to a Korean hospital […] Esfand gets a scan and he chipped a bone in this thumb.”

At the time of the livestream, the group was waiting to hear if Esfand would need surgery to fix the issue. Mizkif then joked: “Esfand, chat, maybe getting surgery in Korea, which is an entire stream in itself so get excited.”

Esfand then took to Twitter to give worried fans an update about his condition. Posting an X-ray of the breakage, he proved that he is powering through the incident, saying he was still a “gladiator.”

According to Mizkif and his friends, it will be a few more days before Esfand can make a speedy recovery and join them on their travels through South Korea. Although, it’s likely they will avoid any more arcades.

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