Destiny defends Esfand after Twitch streamer calls him “fat”

Twitch streamer Destiny next to OTK star EsfandTwitch: Destiny / Esfand

Destiny’s Twitch broadcast quickly turned awkward after his friend called streamer Esfand “fat.” The 32-year-old wasn’t having it and defended the OTK co-founder.

During his December 4 Twitch broadcast, Steven ‘Destiny‘ Bonnell became stunned when a streamer visiting him called Esfand “fat” in front of his viewers.

The 32-year old quickly hit back and defended the One True King org founder by explaining why he is one of the nicest personalities on the streaming platform.

Destiny stands up for Esfand during awkward livestream

Destiny was in the middle of his broadcast when a streamer hanging out in his room referred to OTK star Esfand as “like that fat guy” after admitting he didn’t know who he is.

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Bonnell immediately stood up for his Twitch colleague and said, “I like Esfand. I think Esfand is a cool guy.” The streamer defended his wording and said, “I’m not saying fat as an insult. I’m saying that’s like his main quality, right?”

Destiny then fired back and exclaimed, “His main quality?! Esfand is an endearing, kind soul. He’s good at video games, funny entertainer, adult-like figure, and he cares about the people around him. Okay? He’s good on the shows that he’s on!”

He then ended his rant and told viewers, “I don’t endorse this, chat.” The awkward moment went viral on Reddit, with many viewers praising Bonnell for standing up for his friend.

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Esfand himself reacted to the moment during his December 5 livestream, and was moved by Destiny’s words. “Can we get some hearts in the chat for Destiny?” he asked. “Destiny’s always been very supportive of me. He’s always had my back. So that’s really cool that he said all that.”

The awkward moment at least ended on a positive note as Esfand continued to tell his viewers how much he has appreciated Destiny over the years.

If nothing else, the viral Twitch moment is a great example to be careful what you say when live in front of thousands of viewers.

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