Erika Costell reveals relationship status after Jake Paul cheating rumors

. 3 years ago
Erika Costell, YouTube

YouTuber, model, and music artist Erika Costell parted ways with Team 10 co-founder Jake Paul in November 2018 – but that wasn’t the end of their contact, with the two being spotted together nearly a year later after his marriage to Tana Mongeau.

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Despite her initial silence on the subject, Costell has finally opened up about her relationship status in wake of the sighting: and it doesn’t look like she’s diving into the dating scene anytime soon, in spite of being “open” to the idea.

“No boyfriend, I’m still single,” she answered during a Q&A session on October 10. “…I’m open to the idea of dating somebody, not just being completely cut off from guys. But I’m also very, very busy and I don’t have a lot of my time to give.”

(Timestamp: 10:38 for mobile viewers.)

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Why was Jake Paul seen with Erika Costell?

Jake Paul tied the knot with Mongeau on July 28 after two months of publicly dating the MTV starlet, prompting speculation across the web as to the legitimacy of their wedding.

However, rumors of infidelity quickly surrounded the couple, after Paul was spotted grabbing lunch with ex-girlfriend Costell mere weeks later.

Erika Costell was spotted grabbing lunch with ex-boyfriend Jake Paul shortly after his marriage to Tana Mongeau, stirring up cheating rumors amongst the “Jana” fanbase.
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Photos of their meeting quickly went viral across social media, with Costell herself refusing to answer any questions regarding their meetup and Paul himself denying even being in the damning pictures.

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Erika isn’t the only ones giving fans an update in light of the Jake Paul drama: both Paul and Mongeau uploaded an update video in late September, where they explained their social media silence following their marriage.

According to the couple, they’d both been busy in the weeks after the ceremony, with Mongeau handling a family emergency and Paul working on upcoming music videos.

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“…there was so much momentum up until this wedding, and then you get married, and it’s like, ‘Now what?’” Tana explained. “…all of these emergencies happened, and obviously Jake’s life still kept going, and that left so much room for the public to scrutinize.”

No matter fans’ fears, it doesn’t look like “Jana” are splitting up anytime soon – and Erika Costell is still single, with her hectic schedule apparently putting her love life on the back burner.

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