Erika Costell refuses to respond questions about Jake Paul following cheating rumors

. 3 years ago

Popular YouTuber Jake Paul tied the knot with MTV starlet Tana Mongeau in late July – but rumors of infidelity were quick to surround the couple, after Paul was spotted with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell just two weeks after his wedding.

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While Paul himself appeared to deflect any rumors of cheating on Mongeau, that hasn’t stopped curious fans from prying further – nor the paparazzi, for that matter.

The Hollywood Fix caught up with Costell as she ran errands in West Hollywood, attempting to ask the YouTuber-turned-model about her relationship with Paul in wake of the rumors.

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Jake Paul was spotted with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell weeks after his wedding to Tana Mongeau – but he claims it wasn’t him.

“So everybody wants to know, are you and Jake like, officially back together?” the interviewer asked. “Are you guys like, officially dating now?”

Rather than answering his questions, Costell said nothing, hopping in her suped-up Jeep with nary a word on the subject.

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Costell isn’t the only one remaining relatively silent on the matter, either: Jake himself claimed that it wasn’t actually him in the photos of the two that went viral online, denying any possibility of having seen Erika following his marriage to Mongeau.

“That’s not me,” Paul said of the matter. “Even if you did think that that is me, like I will admit that does look a lot like me and Erika – it does, it really does. It’s such an unfortunate misconception to say the least.”

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Even older brother Logan Paul backed him up, claiming that a paparazzi must have used Deepfake technology to place his little bro’s face over another person’s head during an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

“Someone was eating lunch with my brother’s ex-girlfriend, Erika Costel, and the whole internet is saying that it was Jake, but… are we sure?” Logan said of the drama, zooming in on the photo. “…this looks like a Deepfake.”

(Timestamp: 1:16:58 for mobile viewers.)

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Whether Jake was actually in the photos or not remains to be seen – but it looks like neither he nor Costell are spilling the beans about their proposed tryst, as evidenced by Costell’s tight-lipped response to curious reporters and fans alike.

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