Twitch streamer Emiru confirms her former stalker has been “institutionalized” in psychiatric hospital

Terry Oh

Emiru has revealed her former stalker on Twitch has been moved to a “long term mental hospital” to receive mental health care, allowing the streamer to comfortably recover from past incidents.

Twitch streamer ‘Emirurose in popularity in 2021, with her fan base increasing ever since. But as her success rose, so too did the unwanted attention from stalkers.

Emiru expressed her concerns of stalking in the past. One particular stalker destroyed her mental wellbeing, so much as to prompt her to move away from her home in Kansas. The stalking plagued Emiru so much she took a hiatus in May.

On July 28, Emiru began her stream with exciting news to share. She fidgeted nervously for the first hour of the stream, then she took a deep breath and got it off her chest.

“The guy who has been stalking me, and I basically moved here because of, has been institutionalized. He is in a long term mental hospital.”

She awkwardly throws up two thumbs up — attempting to lighten the mood.

The streamer’s face quickly returns to candid, continuing the conversation.

“Whenever people talk about stuff, like this, they’re like ‘Jail. Oh, jail. jail.’ A lot of people that are like that are struggling with something in their lives, so I really hope that he gets the help that he needs.”

It’s no secret that Emiru struggled because of the stalker’s actions — although the exact details as to what occurred remain hidden to the public.

With the stalker receiving treatment at a mental health hospital, Emiru received some much needed closure on the matter: “I feel more like my old self again.”