Emiru returns to Twitch and explains how lingering issues led to impromptu break

emiru-twitch-returnTwitter: Emiru

Emiru returned to Twitch after taking an impromptu break, explaining she had to deal with some lingering issues that are seemingly tied to her experiences with stalkers in the past.

Emiru burst onto the streaming scene in 2021, and her popularity has been on the rise ever since. Her career snowballed even more after becoming an official member of OTK, which she described as a dream come true.

But sadly, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. She’s had to deal with some stalkers, which is a traumatic experience other top streamers like Pokimane and xQc know all too well. It prompted her to move into the OTK house in October 2021.

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Now seven months later in May 2022, Emiru implied that it’s still an ongoing issue for her, and it got to the point where she needed to take an impromptu break to deal with it.

emiru blondeEmiru
Emiru just returned to Twitch after an impromptu break.

‘There was some sh*t going on that was really bad,” she said during her first stream back after weeks offline. “Like, law enforcement involvement bad,” she said. She didn’t specifically say stalkers this time around. However, it’s clear that whatever she’s referring to sounds bad.

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“The thing is, like, streamers deal with sh*t like that all the time, right? And then they just like, keep going and keep streaming,” she added. But that wasn’t something she was able to do. “I just couldn’t, man.”

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Then, she revealed the toll it’s taken on her mental health. “I didn’t think I would say this, but since… probably like October, when like, the sh*t happened that caused me to move here, I’ve just like, not been doing the best.”

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“I’ve been trying my best. I was like, I’m going to keep going and stream when I’m feeling good and all that sh*t. But it was building up. And I was like, bro, if I keep going, at some point I’m going to have a mental breakdown on stream.”

Fortunately, Emiru took the time off she desperately needed, and it seemed to have worked wonders. The startling experiences she’s been through have left their mark, but she’s feeling well enough to stream again.

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After about an hour of venting, she jumped right back into it, entertaining fans with her hilarious reactions to videos before diving into some League of Legends ranked matches, and they rallied around her.

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