Twitch streamer Jinny’s stalker institutionalized for “mental problems” after arrest

jinny on twitchTwitch: Jinnytty

Twitch streamer Jinny has given fans an update on the man who was seen following her for over four hours, explaining that he was “institutionalized” after his arrest.

On her April 24 stream, as she continued her ‘Waddlethon’ – walking through Taiwan – Jinny encountered a hooded man with his face entirely covered, who continued to follow her for hours.

Eventually, police showed up and detained the man, and Jinny carried on her journey. Police later gave an update to local TV news, explaining the individual had been aggressive and was later hospitalized.

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jinny on twitchTwitch: Jinnytty

Jinny’s stalker taken to psychiatric hospital

On April 25, the day after the incident, Jinny said: “It was on the news. The police said he got aggressive, when police officers were investigating him.

“But yeah, he went to hospital. He got institutionalized. I think he had like, a little bit of a mental problem. That’s what the news and police officers said. So he’s going to get all the help he needs in the hospital.”

This should help put Jinny’s own mind at ease, as the experience had clearly shaken her. Other fans have been able to meet her on the waddlethon journey, as her route is fairly straightforward, but this individual was far more intimidating than regular ‘stream snipers.

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For now, she is continuing her journey walking through Taiwan, despite the risks, and her fans are certainly enjoying the journey too, which her streams peaking at over 10,000 concurrent viewers.

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