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Elon Musk loves The Witcher so much he wants to play it in his Tesla

Published: 22/Jan/2020 11:34

by Jacob Hale


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has remarkably opened up the possibility of Tesla owners being able to play The Witcher in their cars at some stage in the future. 

Musk and the Tesla brand are constantly looking for ways to innovate their technology and bring something new to their high-end vehicles.

As a fan of gaming, though, Musk is clearly looking for a way to bring one of his hobbies to his job – and it seems his love of The Witcher may be driving his desire to merge the two.

The Witcher was adapted for the big screen in December 2019 by Netflix.

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Posting late in the day on January 21, Elon Musk clearly had The Witcher on his mind again, having frequently shared his love for the Netflix exclusive TV show on social media.


He decided to run a poll for his 30 million followers, asking people if they “want to play the Witcher game on your Tesla,” probably speaking about The Witcher 3 which became a huge hit among gamers upon its release in 2015.

Keeping his poll options Witcher-themed, Musk allowed followers to vote “Yes [tosses coin]” or “No, I have the plague.”

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At the time of writing, there are still 20 hours left on the poll but it seems to have already been decided. With 85% of participants approving of the idea, it seems that players definitely want The Witcher to be playable in their Tesla.


As Musk points out, it is already possible to watch The Witcher in Tesla’s Netflix theater, so even if the game never gets added, fans can still get their Witcher fix by other means when they’re cruising in one of the most sought-after cars available today.

While a lot of people are joking about the idea in the replies, some have actually requested other games, asking whether they might be able to get Fortnite and Minecraft on there, too. And if there’s one person that can probably make it happen, Elon Musk is probably the right guy to ask.