Scump gets an MW2 nuke while taking the Pringles® Can Hands challenge

Scump CODPringles

Scump may be a legendary Call of Duty player, but can he remain as dominant with one hand stuck in a Pringles® can?

#Ad Ever since QTCinderella decided to try a cooking stream with one of her hands in a Pringles can, other streamers have followed her lead by seeing how well they can play their favorite games while taking the Pringles Can Hands challenge.

We’ve seen players struggle through battle royale games like Fall Guys and single-player campaigns such as God of War, but we have never seen a professional esports player take on the challenge in their game of choice.

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Luckily, OpTic’s Scump was more than willing to take on the challenge.

Scump gets two nukes during Pringles Can Hands challenge

With one hand in a Pringles can, Scump set out to conquer Modern Warfare 2’s challenges. Initially, he started out small, just trying to win the first Domination game he was dropped into.

But as Scump began racking up kills with ease, he began to set his sights on a bigger prize: the fabled nuke scorestreak.

“A Pringles can nuke has never been done before,” Scump explained. “I’m trying to make history.”

And it didn’t take long for him to begin flirting with that mark.

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“I am getting one. You heard it from me first, I am getting one today.”

Eventually, and incredibly, Scump was able to secure a nuke in MW2 while one hand was inside a Pringles can.

With one nuke already in his pocket (which he was sadly not able to detonate before the match ended), Scump wasn’t satisfied. It wasn’t long after getting the first nuke that he was able to get a second during the challenge.

Holding his arm aloft, he triumphantly announced “calling it in with the Pringles can” before managing to call in the MGB.

Truly, there’s nothing that Scump can’t do in a game of MW2, including getting a nuke with one hand in a Pringles can.

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Each streamer had moments throughout their streams to give their chats the chance to win free Pringles, and the giveaways are still live here from now till Jan. 12. Official rules can be found here (no purchase necessary)!