BrookeAB came so close to Fall Guys crown in Pringles® Can Hands challenge stream

BrookeAB Fall GuysPringles

BrookeAB came close to taking home a Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout crown during her Pringles® Can Hands challenge stream on Twitch. 

The challenge, which kicked off in November with QTCinderella, has proven more difficult than perhaps top streamers and content creators anticipated. 

With one hand stuck inside a Pringles® can, Brooke decided to go live playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Taking the crown home in Fall Guys is a lot more difficult than it looks, but Brooke decided to stack the odds against herself with the Pringles Can Hands challenge on December 13. 

At one point, the streaming star spoke to the tricky, yet “worth it” challenge and said: “To be fair, playing with a can on your hand is not as easy as it looks…” before humorously hitting her head with the can by mistake. 

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Even with the obstacle in her way, Brooke managed to hit Top 5 one time before she was eliminated. 

Later, the streamer pulled off a superb clutch to reach the finale. 

It didn’t end as she would have hoped, though, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with those Can Hands. 

During the broadcast, Brooke told her viewers Salt & Vinegar was her “absolute favorite” flavor of Pringles – and her chat was given the chance to win free Pringles throughout the stream. 

You can watch the full Twitch stream here. 

If you are looking to tune into more Pringles Can Hands streams on Twitch, the full schedule and participants can be found here

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What is the Pringles Can Hands challenge?

Since the creation of Pringles, fans have long loved the iconic can with one constant thought – their hands get stuck in – and they talk about it, a lot. From letters to Pringles, social chatter and clever solutions, and even widely renowned comedy shows, whole corners of the internet have dedicated themselves to solving this unique snacking dilemma. 

Instead of fixing its can, Pringles is fixing the perception — getting stuck with Pringles isn’t a problem at all, rather, something to celebrate as a “worth it” risk to reach every single irresistible crisp. To celebrate with the gaming community,

Pringles has linked up with a number of top streamers to take on the Pringles Can Hands challenge, which tasks each of them to do what they do best, with a slight caveat… They must have their hands inside the Pringles can at all times!

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So, whether you’re a cooking streamer or known for your FPS skills, you’re going to have to do it all with the Pringles can stuck around those hands.

Each streamer will also have moments throughout the stream to allow their chat to have a chance to win free Pringles. Official rules can be found here (no purchase necessary)!

If you are looking to tune into more Pringles Can Hands streams on Twitch, the full schedule and participants can be found here.