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DrLupo is going insane without any internet at his house

Published: 4/Nov/2018 21:18

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer and gamer Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo is experiencing a seemingly neverending series of complications with his internet – and it’s leading to some hilarious shenanigans on Twitter.

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DrLupo reached out to his service provider in a Tweet on November 2, explaining that he was having an issue with his upload bandwidth. He followed up with another Tweet shortly thereafter, revealing that he would have to wait for a technician to fix the issue on Sunday, November 4.

Lupo went on to explain that his account status had also been changed upon his recent move, and that his service had even been completely disconnected after getting off the phone with support.


DrLupo has since gone on a tirade of hilarious Tweets bemoaning his lack of internet, even entertaining the idea that he should buy a drone.

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“I am incredibly easily entertained when my internet has been out for just over 24 hours,” Lupo wrote over the caption of a vine.

He’s even gotten into shenanigans on Instagram, replying to a Fortnite post with a long-winded version of the old loltyler1 meme, claiming that ‘this is what happens when I don’t have internet.’

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However, it looks like Sunday’s efforts haven’t fixed Lupo’s internet issues; he explained that there could be potential line damage between his home node and the neighborhood node, leaving the fate of his stream schedule up to a ‘specialist.’


Now, viewers will have to wait until Tuesday for DrLupo’s return: In the interim, he may have to light the oil lamps and churn his own butter.