Dream SMP is apparently a Spotify Wrapped music genre and fans are totally confused

Dream Minecraft character next to Spotify logo on phoneYouTube: Dream / Unsplash: Haithem Ferdi

Are you a fan of Glass Animals, Wilbur Soot, Alec Benjamin, or even Cardi B? You might be a fan of the Dream SMP music genre, which has stumped fans after they were notified of its existence in Spotify Wrapped 2021.

Dream SMP is more than a Minecraft server and a group of gamers, it seems. The cultural phenomenon is now a music genre, which fans are now discovering thanks to Spotify Wrapped 2021 dropping on December 1.

Thousands of listeners across the globe have been alerted to its existence as the platform lists individuals’ top 5 favorite music genres across the year.

However, the trend has left Dream fans and haters ⁠alike totally confused.

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Spotify Wrapped 2021 Music Aura screenSpotify
Listeners are confused as to how “Dream SMP” made it into their Spotify Wrapped 2021.

In case you were wondering, the top 10 Dream SMP songs according to listn.to include tracks by Wilbur Soot ⁠— who is a member of the Dream SMP ⁠— Billy Joel, The Fray, and even League of Legends. There’s other tracks Spotify lists as “Dream SMP” from Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Glass Animals, Corpse Husband, Alec Benjamin, and more.

It’s a rather eclectic mix of music, all things considered.

While some in the Dream SMP fandom have embraced their love of the music of their favorite Minecraft stars, others have loathed even being associated with it.

“The fact they gave Dream SMP a genre on Spotify means I can’t post my Wrapped anywhere other than Twitter for fear of embarrassment this is the f**king worst,” Twitter user ‘elytrafall’ said.

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“Imagine these poor people who just like Lovejoy and get the f**king “Dream SMP” genre in their Spotify Wrapped. I would take it so personally you’d never hear from me again,” ‘47batz’ added.

Exactly how the genre came into being is unclear. Dream does have three songs on Spotify, including collaborations with Alec Benjamin and PmBata. Combined they have over 150 million streams.

Taking those three songs and creating an entire genre around it has definitely raised eyebrows though. There is a playlist by Spotify diving into “The Sounds of Dream SMP.”

However, if you’re confused as to why Dream SMP is one of your top genres in Spotify Wrapped 2021, at least now you know why.

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