Stable Ronaldo unbanned on Twitch day after Fortnite star’s surprise suspension

Stable ronaldo holding hand up next to Twitch logoYouTube: Stable Ronaldo / Twitch

Fortnite star ‘Stable Ronaldo’ has been unbanned on twitch after the NRG streamer was slapped with a 24 hour ban on December 1 — rumored for showing sexually suggestive content on stream. The exact reason, however, was never disclosed.

Stable Ronaldo is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, with over 2.3 million followers on the platform and thousands of average viewers. However, he was issued a brief ban from streaming, leaving the NRG Fortnite star in panic.

He was streaming Valorant to nearly 5,000 viewers on Twitch late on December 1 before he was suddenly slapped with a one-day ban. The star took some time to process the suspension on Twitter.

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“I just, right now, got banned on Twitch?”

“I’m actually about to freak the f**k out and start saying a bunch of sh*t if nobody contacts me about this,” he added in a now-deleted tweet.

StableRonaldo's Twitter timeline after Twitch banTwitter: StableRonaldo
Stable Ronaldo spoke out on Twitter immediately after being hit with a Twitch ban on December 1.

There are suspicions the streamer was banned for showing sexually suggestive content after a tweet from fellow Fortnite star ‘Clix’ popped up on stream. It came directly after the star showed, what viewers believe, is a slightly suggestive clip on stream.

However, he dispelled the latter as the reason — and never opened up publicly on exactly why he kicked off briefly.

“It’s not this [referring to the Twitch clip], it was Clix’s private account tweeted something and it showed. I think that’s what it is,” Ronaldo said.

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Twitch does “restrict content that involves nudity or is sexual in nature,” according to its community guidelines.

Ronaldo’s 24-hour ban means he can get back to streaming on December 2, although he might be a bit wary of scrolling through Twitter on his return.