Dream fans demand Facetime with Danny Gonzalez amid face reveal campaign

danny gonzales dream face reveal

Dream has been making his rounds, revealing his face to his friends and other content creators – but his fans are demanding he Facetime Danny Gonzalez, the YouTuber that acted as Dream during a face reveal April Fools joke in 2021.

On September 23, 2022, Dream would post on his official Twitter account, “The mask is coming off… see you all very soon :).” This immediately filled his fan base with excitement as the Minecraft player has amassed tens of millions of followers without ever showing his face.

On September 30, many of Dream’s closest friends would share videos on Twitter of them reacting to what the masked content creator looks like. They all followed a similar format where Dream would call them via Facetime, and they would react to his appearance without showing the viewer what he looks like.

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These Facetimes were with creators like Tommyinnit and Wilbur Soot, as well as with larger creators not affiliated with Minecraft content including Mark Rober and Addison Rae. But now, his fans are Twitter are demanding he Facetime Dream stand-in Danny Gonzalez.

Dream fans want Danny Gonzalez face reveal reaction

On April 1, 2021, Dream would go live on Twitch with his stream title simply being “Face Reveal”. In front of over 80k people, the streamer would remove a piece of paper taped to his face to reveal the face of commentary YouTuber Danny Gonzalez.

Danny would tweet that he started “Dream” as a social experiment to become the biggest Minecraft YouTuber, and the real dream would respond to it on his alt account, “Just replying to confirm. Video soon.” However, this was just an elaborate April Fools joke played on Dream’s viewers.

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Now that Dream’s real face reveal is seemingly going to happen soon, fans want to see another collab with Danny Gonzalez. And after thousands of tweets, ‘Danny Gonzalez’ began trending on Twitter.

Numerous fans wanted Dream to include Danny in his Facetime campaign as an homage to their April Fools joke, while others wanted it to happen to prove that they actually weren’t the same person.

At the time of reporting, Dream Facetime videos are still trickling onto the internet, so it isn’t too late for a Dream/Danny face reveal video, but fans are expecting the official face reveal to take place any moment now.

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