Dream confuses everyone with cryptic ’23’ message: What does it mean?

Georgina Smith
Dream poses in front of trees for Instagram picture
Instagram: dreamwastaken

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has confused everyone after he tweeted simply the phrase “23?” on one of his accounts, leading to fans frantically trying to figure out what he could be referring to.

Dream is one of the most popular creators online at the moment, having risen to a high level of popularity largely through his Minecraft videos and streams. His SMP server has been a huge success online, and has made him even more popular among fans.

With his large following comes a huge amount of social media engagement from his supporters, and when something happens in the community, it often doesn’t take long before it ends up trending on Twitter.

The Minecraft star confused fans when he tweeted “23?” on his private account, ‘dreamhangout’ on April 2. The no-context message immediately got fans wondering what he could be referring to, and people came up with several different theories.

Some thought that it could refer to a date, implying the release of new merchandise or something similar, while others thought it might refer to his age.

However, it soon became apparent that the number referred to April 23, with the YouTuber posting a reply that read, “‘Mask’ on April 23rd? maybe…” along with a short section of the song.

Dream recently released a different snippet of his upcoming song ‘Mask,’ which is exciting news for those who were a fan of the YouTuber’s first release, ‘Roadtrip,’ back in February.

However, his initial one-word tweet was enough to send his followers into a frenzy, and they quickly managed to get several terms related to the message to trend on the site, including “23 WHAT,” “23 HOURS,” “THE 23RD,” and “23 DAYS.”

It seems that the release date of April 23 is currently only a tentative one, which might explain his decision to mention it on the private account. But thanks to the power of his fans, word quickly spread across Twitter.

Now the meaning of the original tweet is more clear, many will be anticipating April 23 to see if that really is the release date for ‘Mask.’