Kevin James becomes “meme of the month” with viral King of Queens photo

Kayla Harrington
Kevin James as Doug Heffernan in The King of QueensCBS

Kevin James, star of the sitcom The King of Queens, has become Twitter’s meme of the month as a stock image of him on set has gone viral.

It’s not weird to see a random picture or video clip going viral on social media as the modern world thrives on memeing things that don’t seem to matter in the grand scheme of life.

However, Twitter‘s latest meme of the month is definitely one of the strangest phenomena as a stock photo of Kevin James from his hit sitcom The King of Queens has been used for various situations.

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From giving very specific looks at other people’s jobs to making hyper-focused jokes, Kevin James is taking Twitter by storm.

James’ King of Queen stocks photos are being memed

Though there’s no way to trace where the first meme came from, a specific image of Kevin James from The King of Queens has been making its way across Twitter.

The King of Queens was a show from 1998 to 2007 and follows the lives of Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a standard couple living their lives in the suburbs of Queens, NY.

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James’ Doug was a lovable, goofy UPS driver who was quick to crack a joke or bust out a dance move whenever the occasion called for it.

The meme of his Getty Image photo from the show was quick to make the rounds on Twitter as it’s the perfect picture to use to convey whatever joke you’re trying to tell.

Below are some of the best memes made so far:

No one knows how long this meme is going to last, but it’s safe to say Kevin James made Twitter’s month with this one photo.

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