Dr Disrespect’s YouTube-Facebook simulcast was so laggy he started arguing with himself

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect stream on facebook and youtube

Dr Disrespect’s first YouTube-Facebook multi-stream was quite the spectacle, giving fans a new way to watch the two-time, but it didn’t exactly go flawlessly.

Despite Doc settling his court case with Twitch for his mysterious ban in the summer of 2020, he’s still finding opportunities to take aim at the Amazon-owned platform.

In an attempt to mock Twitch’s new streaming rules for partners that allows them to multi-stream to Instagram or TikTok, but not YouTube or Facebook, the 6’8 freak of nature decided to show the world how it was done.

On August 25, before the YouTuber jumped into a game of Warzone, he loaded up both of his streams and the result was certainly meta to say the least, no pun intended.

Dr Disrespect argues with himself in lag-filled multi-stream

After putting both of his streams on his own screen, the two-time created a gateway into the past where he could communicate with his younger self.

“We’re about to go through a vortex, aren’t we, Doc?” the banned Twitch star pondered. “Let’s get something started. You ready?”

To begin, the sniper extraordinaire began practicing his singing ability, but things soon devolved into the streamer taking issue with his own ability and the result was multiple Dr Disrespects fighting with one another.

“Let me finish, hold on, let me finish!” he cried, only for his words to be repeated back to him.

“No, let me finish!” another exclaimed amidst the mind-numbing screaming in the background. “I agree.”

Eventually, the real Doc just got fed up, proclaimed “I think I’m done” and walked off screen for a bit with the others following suit.

It was certainly quite the wild incident and one that made Doc suggest putting a pinned message on Facebook alerting The Champions Club about freezing and stuttering on the broadcast.

Hopefully, if Doc plans more of these broadcasts, they can be even more successful and we end up seeing the two-time on even more platforms live at the exact same time.

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