Dr Disrespect’s reason for liking the color red is most typical Doc response ever

Matt Porter

If one thing’s for certain, Dr Disrespect doesn’t often hold back when he’s asked his opinion on something, and when a viewer asked him why he liked the color red so much, the answer was as hilarious as you would expect from The Doc.

The leader of the Champions Club is well-known for his hilarious thoughts on all sorts of different things, most recently when he explained why he had no interest in hopping on WoW Classic like most streamers, leaving his audience in stitches.

It doesn’t take much to produce gold from Dr Disrespect though, and his fans were treated to another classic Doc moment when he was asked why he liked the color red so much.

GFUELThe Doc is well-known for giving his hilarious opinions.

As The Two-Time loaded into his Call of Duty: Blackout match, he decided to read the chat, and address some of the questions he was receiving from his audience.

“Is red your favorite color or do you just like how it looks?” read The Doc from Twitch viewer BlackRockPhantom. “It’s the color of blood, and boy, oh boy I’m used to seeing a lot of blood splattered in front of my face in the online gaming community. That’s pretty much what it is, right?”

“Plus, it looks sick on me, and I’m fucking gorgeous!”

Viewers of The Doc will know that red plays a major part in his broadcasts, with the streamer often wearing something of that color while he plays, while the majority of his graphics, plus the interior of the ‘Champions Club’ are all designed in a scarlet hue.

We know he’s a big fan of darker hues too though, with Dr Disrespect offering “black-on-black-on-slate-black blazers” to those deemed worthy enough of being a champion.

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