Dr Disrespect offers viewer “wild” idea for marriage proposal

Albert Petrosyan. Last updated: May 23, 2019
Dr Disrespect - Twitch / Pexels

Superstar Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect is never one to shy away from giving out crazy ideas, as was the case when approached by a viewer who was planning on popping the big question. 

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Being the eccentric personality that he is, there are very few streamers on Twitch you can come up with some of the ideas that Dr Disrespect cooks up on a daily basis.

His latest out-of-the-box piece of advice came when a viewer donated to the stream and asked for guidance in proposing to his girlfriend, whom he had been with for eight years.

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Without even batting an eye, the Doc came up with a suggestion that the viewer probably had not expected to hear when deciding to donate.

“Take her on a wild, white-water rafting ride, right after,” he said. “Try saying that five times fast. Go ahead. Try it.”

If anyone can come up with crazy ideas for a marriage proposal, it’s Dr Disrespect!
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In classic Doc fashion, he quickly turned his idea into a competition, challenging himself to say the phrase as quickly as he could without stuttering – which he ended up pulling off on his first try, of course. 

While Doc obviously gave the suggestion totally tongue-in-cheek, the viewer may want to give it some thought before completely writing it off.

After all, the Doc knows a thing or two about successful marriage proposals, so maybe he could be onto something.

Doc is no stranger to strange ideas

As mentioned above, the Doc has the tendency and ability to come up with stuff that most others simply can’t keep up with on a regular basis.

Another good example of this was when he wagered fellow Twitch star TimTheTatman to see who between them could score more points in the World Cup Qualifiers for Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Doc proposed that, should he win, Tim would have to deliver the cash in person while he was doing laps in his infinity pool “butt naked.”