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Dr Disrespect’s description of his Twitch channel and community might surprise you

Published: 9/May/2019 12:51 Updated: 9/May/2019 14:54

by Connor Bennett


Dr Disrespect delivered an incredibly funny, yet surprising, description of his Twitch channel by tossing all the usual ‘negativity’ aside.

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The Two-Time has a loyal following on the livestreaming platform thanks to his moments of genius in battle royale games – be that him flipping out at a bug, taunting an enemy or even, sometimes, pulling off incredible kills.

While his focus is pretty much on the game he is playing, it takes a lot for The Doc to take aim at his own viewers with that signature rage. However, his hand was forced during his May 6 stream, when one viewer tried to kill the positive vibe with negativity – prompting The Doc into laying down his own, hilarious, description about the usual ‘feel’ of the channel.


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G FUELIt appears as if the Doc wants to rid his channel of ‘negativity’.

What did Dr Disrespect say about his channel?

“Why are you trying to bring us down with negativity,” asked the Doc, responding to a donation from a fan who apologized for earlier comments. “This is a channel for positivity. We try to focus on the enlightening things in life. We try to make sure we get respect to every single discipline across the entire history from design, art to publishing and triple-A decision making,” continued the streamer, in a completely sarcastic manner.

In that same tone, he added: “I don’t know what your problem is, but this channel, this Champions Club society, we preach positivity throughout the community. With that positivity, we would not be considered a real society.”


It didn’t take long for Dr Disrespect to snap back into character, “We would be at the gutter bottom – that shithole, right. Huh. Wrong!” he roared. 

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Anyone who has experienced one of Doc’s incredible rages at Fortnite Battle Royale‘s developer PUBG, knows that his channel and viewers thrive off those moments of magic.

While he isn’t wholly negative about games on a regular basis, dragging his stream down to just complain, Dr Disrespect certainly has his own unique style in handing over feedback about things he doesn’t particularly enjoy.

Yet, that’s one thing that makes The Doc who he is and what has made him so popular as a streamer on Twitch. Long may it continue.