Dr DisRespect takes Fortnite streaming to a new level with “Footnite”

Bill Cooney

Dr. DisRespect is boldly going where few streamers have gone before by binding some of his controls in Fortnite to a pedal and bringing out a foot cam on stream.

Fortnite is not one of Dr. DisRespect’s favorite games, he’s made his aversion to the battle royale game clear in the past, but it seems he’s finally found a way to have a great time with it.

All it took was a USB-connected pedal for the Doc to make his game-changing Fortnite vision into an awesome and hilarious reality.

In one clip, The Doc explains to a teammate what his ingenious button layout on the pedals is.

“I got my, boom, quick harvesting tool, and then I have my build edit tool,” the streamer revealed. “And in the middle I got my map just in case I need to check it real quick.”

The setup honestly seems to work pretty well and the Doc apparently got the hang of using the foot pedals fairly quickly.

There is one lingering question about the new setup many fans had, but The Doc never answered: why didn’t he wear any socks for the footcam?

There may be some viewers out there who enjoyed looking at Dr. DisRespect’s bare digits, but the vast majority of fans seemed to think socks would have been a good choice.

But, based on the success of his so-called “Footnite” experiment, we could see The Doc bring back the footcam in the future.

Hopefully next time he wears some socks.

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