Dr Disrespect shows off new custom golf bag: “Look good, play good”

Jeremy Gan
dr disrespect walking with golf club in handDr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect shows off his new custom golf bag made by TaylorMade in a tweet with the streamer continuing to update his fans as he goes further into his golfing journey. 

The Twitch star has always made his love for the sport of gold very apparent. From streaming any new PGA Tour game which comes out, to spending time with golfing YouTubers Good Good

And the Doc has once again showed his love for the sport with a new custom bag. The bag, from the equipment manufacturer TaylorMade, is colored like his iconic black and red uniform with his logo stitched on the front

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His Tweet reads, “Look good, play good.” 

However, it does appear Doc did not receive a special set of clubs from the manufacturer alongside the bag, as the only club which is in the bag is a driver. A driver is generally the heaviest club you can use, and is specifically made to shoot balls a long distance.

And while clubs might not be included in the image, the driver featured alongside the new bag does appear to be TaylorMade’s new Stealth2 Driver, which is black and red in color. Very fitting for the Doc indeed.

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Streamer Hayz did point out missing clubs, and one user jokingly replied you’d only need a driver if you only hit holes in ones. 

Dr Disrespect has teased a golfing event back in 2021, but nothing ever came of it. He mentioned there was not much going on in the world of golfing, and wanted to set something up.

But what is most like is he is keeping his passion from golf separate from his streaming job as the Doc and his work on Midnight Society. Which is a nice change of pace to see him outside of his rambunctious persona.

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