Dr Disrespect breaks character after losing $100 bet to a fan

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect looking at camera in front of 2K golf screen

Streaming star Dr Disrespect dropped his character for a brief moment after he lost out on a $100 bet to a random player as they golfed together. 

While some streamers have adopted a persona to base their on-screen character around, none have been more successful than Dr Disrespect. 

The Two-Time has dominated in pretty much every game he’s touched and left a whole host of fiery criticism in his wake to boot. Though, sometimes that mask slips and he breaks out of his signature violence, speed, and momentum ever so briefly. 

That is always a highlight for his viewers, but it was even better as one opponent claimed $100 from him, just for making a simple golf shot. 

Dr Disrespect breaks after losing $100 wage to 2K golf opponent

The Doc, who has made his love of gold well-known, dipped back into the PGA Tour 2K23 during his March 22 stream and came across a player who he had matched up with previously. 

As they were going head-to-head in a round of ranked play at Pebble Beach, they traded some shots back and forth – both with their clubs and mouths – before The Doc decided to make a wager to up the ante. 

“If you knock this down, I’ll give you $100 right now,” he said, as the player lined up to chip from just off the green. Seconds later, they took their shot and it looked good. “You promise? Doctor! Doctor!” the player replied as the ball trickled into the hole. 

Timestamp of 4:33:45

That prompted the Two-Time to take a moment. He looked off-screen and chucked away for a few seconds before recomposing himself and getting back to the round at hand. 

Things didn’t quite go the Doc’s way after that, as he rage quit after chipping into the water over and over again. His chat urged him to pay up on the earlier, but we’ll have to wait and see if he did.