Dr Disrespect scared senseless by PUBG stream sniping clown

Alan Bernal

Viewers never know what they’ll get when watching popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect, but it’s safe to say that not even the Doc expected to get a visit from a notorious PUBG stream sniper.

The Doc is used to the average stream sniper pestering his monitor’s view for a brief spot in the limelight, but even a seasoned streamer like Dr Disrespect is not always ready for all the surprises his followers can pull.

During a game of PUBG, the Doc was rummaging through a building when he opened a door to discover another player dressed in the Killer Clown garb.

The discovery immediately startled the Doc along with the rest of his channel, as the stream sniper had just stayed waiting for the Two-time to fall into his trap.

“What the f–,” a scared Doc exclaimed. “Holy shit! Ho. Ho, man.”

The jump scare was enough to make Doc take a step away from the camera to recollect himself, while the stream too had to calm down from the jolt.

After a brief moment away to shake off the heart-stopping interaction, the Doc proceeded to put the scare behind him and push on with the game.

This isn’t the first time the sniper has hit at an unsuspecting streamer, as the trend has seen many unknown players don the menacing mask in search of prey.

There’s been numerous instances of streamers big and small confronting the spooky sniper at the most random times which cause similar scares or awkward interactions.

Unsurprisingly, The Doc ending his this particular game by once again taking a few more shots at PUBG and the current state of the game.

After being killed shortly after by a pair of supposedly “teaming” players, the Doc said “there’s a bunch of losers that play [PUBG]” these days.