Dr Disrespect reveals why he’s changed his mind on Gears 5

David Purcell

Dr Disrespect had some strong things to say about Gears of War 5 since its release, but after returning to the game to give it another try, he actually seems to like it. 

The popular Twitch streamer always has thousands of viewers waiting in the arena for his gaming sessions and his Gears 5 return broadcast was no different.

Having previously said that it could well be the time for the franchise to die following its September 6 release, which would suggest we wouldn’t see him playing the title any time soon, something appears to have changed his mind after giving it a second chance. 

Xbox Game StudiosGears of War 5 seems to have the Doc torn.

During his broadcast on September 16, the Two-Time gave a very different verdict on the game than what many of his fans might have been expecting, given his comments following its launch. 

“Yeah, I like the shit mechanics. It’s one of those games where it has horrific player mechanics but if you learn, it’s actually kind of fun to play horrible game mechanics,” he said. “It’s interesting. It really is. Like, it fucks with your mind a little bit, you know?”

While the Doc’s new conclusion on the game’s mechanics might not make sense to many of his fans, it seems as if he can’t really put a finger on what he likes about the game himself. One thing is for sure, though, he’s been dominating since giving it a second chance. 

In an attempt to round up the journey he’s been on with the game so far, he added: “You’ve got to go through that phase, trust me. I went through it.

“Once you get past that stage of knowing that you’ve got to deal with the clunkiness and horrific programming of player mechanics, anyways, then you start feeling out what the game’s potential is truly about. And that’s… I’m telling you. It feels really good.”

Whether or not members of the Champions Club will be seeing their favorite Internet personality jump into the world of Gears of War for much longer remains to be seen. 

He certainly seems to be enjoying it, nevertheless. 

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