Dr Disrespect responds to people laughing at Mixer shutting down

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dr disrespect twitch

Twitch star Dr Disrespect reacted to Microsoft shutting Mixer down during his June 22 stream, and explained to his audience why it’s not entirely a laughing matter.

The streaming world was rocked on June 22 when Microsoft made the surprising announcement that Mixer is shutting down. The tech company revealed it are merging the streaming platform with Facebook Gaming.

Reacting to the news during his live broadcast, Dr Disrespect explained to viewers why the service closing down isn’t something to be too happy about. The Twitch star responded to a donation and gave his take on the situation.

dr disrespect twitch
The streamer was live when he found out about Mixer shutting down.

Dr Disrespect reacts to Mixer shutting down

Dr Disrespect put aside his usual over-the-top persona, and was reflective after learning about Mixer shutting down. The streamer reacted to a donation that found the announcement hilarious, before asking him about his thoughts.

“I don’t know if that’s something… There is probably a lot of people that are being laid off, there’s jobs involved. That’s definitely not something to laugh about.” he said, before he explained the problem the platform struggled with the most.

“Something just wasn’t clicking with Mixer and Microsoft attracting talent and top talent outside of just paying them straight up.” he continued. Reflecting on the major announcement, he then exclaimed, “It’s interesting that Facebook bought Mixer. Like why? I don’t know.”

Another donation asked him if he thought his friends Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins would move back to Twitch. “I’m sure they will. I don’t know all the details. If they are able to get paid and get out of that whole situation and make a decision wherever they want to go. S**t, they knocked it out of the park.”

During the same broadcast, Doc reiterated that the platform’s attempts to grow never paid off. “The results, they don’t lie. Microsoft invested a lot in Mixer, trying to get some big names involved. Try to get the momentum on their side. It seems like it just didn’t pay off.”

The streaming veteran was left perplexed by Facebook’s decision to merge with Mixer. He wondered if it had to do with tech or infrastructure, rather trying to make the platform grow with a new partnership.

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