Dr Disrespect on why he might delete Ring of Elysium

David Purcell

Dr Disrespect has been bringing his violence, speed, and momentum all the way to Ring of Elysium on Twitch, but there’s one thing that could force him to eventually delete the game from his PC.

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The popular internet personality has followed the suit of many other high profile streamers that have given the first-person shooter a second chance of late, but it’s fair to say that he’s not entirely sold on it so far.

After being hounded by comments in the chat to give it another try during his June 5 stream, the Doc finally decided to answer the call, but there was a bit of a holdup before fans could see him in action.

Tencent GamesDr Disrespect could soon delete Ring of Elysium for good.
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The Two-Time waited a few minutes to enter his first game, but the starting match timer just kept resetting. Not enough players were populating the sessions in order to start a match and Dr Disrespect wasn’t all that impressed by what he was seeing.

After waiting patiently to enter a game, he started to vent his frustrations. “OK, we’re at a minute and five [seconds]. See, I can’t do a game that’s going to make me sit in this lobby forever. I can’t play it,” Doc said. “I’ve already dedicated one minute and fifteen seconds, that’s called opportunity cost.”

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“It’s got brand new content ladies and gentlemen,” he continued. “If they can’t provide constant population of the server for North America there’s just no reason to play.”

Dr Disrespect eventually got into a match and said that he was still having a great time when Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek linked up with him later in the stream. That doesn’t mean to say that Ring of Elysium’s server and population issues won’t spring back up in the future.

Whether or not he will eventually delete the game remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure. If the Two-Time doesn’t like the game he’s playing, he’s usually fast to move on.

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