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Dr Disrespect sick of “wasting time” streaming on Twitch

Published: 5/Jun/2019 10:44 Updated: 5/Jun/2019 11:13

by David Purcell


PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale, and even Battalion 1944 during his June 4 stream. 

However, even after playing a variety of shooter titles, the ‘Two-Time’ seems completely exhausted by the current options available for him to play. 

Square EnixDr Disrespect never lasted long streaming Battalion 1944, a game that’s surging in popularity on Twitch.

At one point in the livestream, one of his fans pleaded him to not stop streaming because they would have to watch streamers Ninja and xQc instead, which forced Dr Disrespect to break out a smile. Yet, in general, he seemed very downbeat about the games that he’s been playing. 

“I feel like I’m wasting my time playing these shithole games that are out. Where’s the new stuff man?” he said in a somber voice. “Holy crap, my brain is about to melt from the non-creative, pathetic approach to game design that is out there right now.”

After speaking in a low voice for a few moments, clearly frustrated, he screamed: “Nothing to get excited about! Nothing!” 

This isn’t the first time that the Doc has challenged video game developers to create something new and fresh for him to stream on Twitch, either. In fact, he’s been very critical of developers in the last few months – slamming Epic Games and even suggesting that he could help put together a better game. 

Dr Disrespect even took his frustrations to Twitter, where he said he’s hoping that developers deliver some big news at E3 2019 for the most highly anticipated games, describing his current gaming situation as a “god damn snooze fest.” 

Nevertheless, with such a committed fanbase tuning in to see him stream video games on a regular basis, it’s highly unlikely that his violence, speed, and momentum will cease in the near future, especially with the arrival of Halo’s Master Chief Collection arriving on PC in the near future. 


BitTorrent acquires DLive to add live streaming to its offering

Published: 22/Oct/2020 22:00 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 15:41

by Adam Fitch


Peer-to-peer file-sharing company BitTorrent has announced its acquisition of blockchain-powered live streaming platform DLive.

The plan is to incorporate DLive and all BitTorrent-related services under one package, creating a unified offering entitled BitTorrent X. This move marks an evolution for the company, transitioning from a software company to a conglomerate made up of storage, data protocols, and content distribution options. BitTorrent and DLive are no strangers to each other, however, having initially formed a strategic partnership in December 2019. The deal saw the streaming platform joined BitTorrent’s ecosystem and it’s safe to assume that it was successful considering this development.

This marks an important milestone in the evolution of DLive — it started its journey when it launched a beta in December 2017, in April 2019 PewDiePie exclusively streamed on the platform, and later that year in November, it integrated with Streamlabs OBS. It’s brought on plenty of other entertaining streamers along its journey, too.

PewDiePie, YouTube

“We are more than excited to join the BitTorrent ecosystem as the collaboration will provide us with more innovative solutions to empower content creators and reward communities,” said Charles Wayn, DLive’s CEO. “Together with the BitTorrent team, we look forward to bringing disruptive innovations to the digital media space, and furthermore create value for our global community.”

The newly-formed BitTorrent X ecosystem will contain storage through BitTorrent File System, distribution through BitTorrent, and streaming through DLive. The company hopes that this will help in “establishing a truly decentralized internet” by driving “blockchain-related tools to billions of devices.” With the current streaming landscape fragmented among several major platforms, we’re sure DLive — with new ownership to boot — will be looking to step up, especially after the collapse of Mixer. More information on the newly-formed BitTorrent X is slated to be unveiled during a live event in November.