Dr DisRespect Hilariously Reacts to New Xbox PUBG Trailer From E3 2018

Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect decided to check out the new E3 trailer for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds while live on stream, and gave his own special commentary.

The Doc has somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the popular Battle Royale game, often blasting it for server issues and raging after unfortunate deaths, despite continuing to play the game daily on stream.

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The developers, Bluehole Entertainment, clearly don’t mind his criticizm however, even recently adding Dr DisRespect inspired weapon skins into the game, along with fellow popular streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek.

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But that hasn’t stopped Dr DisRespect poking fun at the game, and when a new trailer for upcoming features for PUBG was aired at the Microsoft E3 2018 conference, the Doc was right on it.

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The new trailer showed off some standard PUBG gameplay, plus revealed that the ‘Sanhook’ map would be coming to Xbox this summer, plus a new war mode.

It also teased a new snow map, due in ‘winter 2018’, although very little was shown of this, just quick shot of footsteps in the snow.

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While rewatching the trailer on YouTube, Dr DisRespect gave his own flavor to the trailer, mocking the poor FPS available on Xbox PUBG compared to the PC version and the game’s character customization.

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The new PUBG trailer has certainly drummed up interest though, with the developer clearly still dedicated to keeping the game feeling fresh and new, with what will be the fourth new map on the way.

No matter how critical the Doc is, he will no doubt be jumping straight in when the new snow map and war mode eventually releases later this year.

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