PewDiePie flames Bethesda over Fallout 76 and E3 conference failures

Eli Becht

The press conferences for E3 2019 have wrapped up, and YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg had a lot to say about them, with much of his criticism aimed at Bethesda and their executive Todd Howard.

E3 2019 is still ongoing, but with all of the conferences finished, video game fans now have a clear picture of what to expect for the remainder of 2019, and going into 2020.

While E3 is mostly about seeing what games are coming out, it’s also interesting to pay attention to the crowds and their reactions – something PewDiePie did with Bethesda’s conference.

BethesdaFallout 76 had a disastrous launch.

PewDiePie had a lot to say about Bethesda’s conference and took several shots at Fallout 76 – Bethesda’s attempt to take the Fallout universe and turn it into an online game.

He watched the pre-recorded footage of various employees talking about how the community helps reign them in, and tells them when things are going poorly.

“‘You keep us in check’ is basically code for, ‘Yeah, we’ve made some shit games,'” Pewds said. “What did Fallout 76 get in ratings again?” he asked as zoomed on the user score on Metacritic, which was a 2.7.

PewDiePiePewDiePie summarized E3 in his latest video.

He was very excited from Todd Howard came onto the stage as he became the butt of many jokes.

“I love him, all the bad games are fine as long as Todd Howard makes a joke about,” he said jokingly. PewDiePie also pointed out how Howard was able to spin the bad press around Fallout 76, and make it sound positive.

“They have over 60 million players,” he said. “How can we say something good about this situation? Oh god, anything. Uhhh, we have a lot of players?”

He included a clip of various Fallout 76 bugs plaguing the game, essentially showing the game was nowhere close to being ready.

Fans were already suspicious of Bethesda’s crowd, and now you can add PewDiePie to that list. He specifically mentioned the guy yelling “Yeah!” after pretty much every sentence during the conference.

The Swede showed various clips of the man yelling, but said that people saying the crowd was paid was probably just trolling Bethesda, as he was in his video.

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