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Dr Disrespect finally shows what’s under his glasses in hilarious clip

Published: 18/Jan/2019 13:34 Updated: 18/Jan/2019 13:37

by Ross Deason


If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on behind the mysterious sunglasses of Dr Disrespect, the Twitch star finally provided his fans with a sneak peak during a recent stream.

Of course, you might be thinking that you’ve already seen Guy Beahm without his Doc costume on before, but any true believer knows that he’s just a stunt double to hide true identity of the ‘two-time, back-to-back, 1993 – 1994 Blockbuster International Video Gaming Champion’.

The streaming sensation has been one of the biggest names on Twitch in recent years and the production value and skits often set him apart from his colleagues on the platform, much like they did when he finally decided to show us what’s under those glasses!

The Doc is always in character.

Turning away from the camera briefly, Dr Disrespect slowly removed his glasses and teased fans for the grand reveal. The end result, though, will have come as a surprise to many.

Have a look for yourself:

So, there you have it. Dr Disrespect’s glasses are actually a part of him. Even if you remove them, another pair will grow back just as quickly.

He’s basically the Lernaean Hydra of the streaming world, only with less heads and more glasses…

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on the planet, boasting over 3 million followers on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Twitch.

His on-screen persona has become synonymous with the streaming world, but he first donned the wig and glasses almost a decade ago for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 YouTube videos.


TikToker Nessa Barrett slams TalentX’s Michael Gruen: “He hates me”

Published: 29/Oct/2020 16:57

by Alice Hearing


Nessa Barrett has slammed TalentX manager Micheal Gruen in the third installment of Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy’s new podcast BFFs in which they talk about all things TikTok drama.

The first episode of the podcast sent fans into a frenzy after the Barstool Sports’ president claimed that Nessa Barrett had found her fame through dating Josh Richards. The host claimed he was “in the middle of a TikTok war” and fuelled drama by tweeting memes and jokes about the situation.

But for their third episode, they actually invited Nessa herself onto the show, and while there appeared to be no beef between Dave and the popular TikToker, it was revealed that the manager of TalentX Michael Gruen and Nessa are feuding.

Fans of Nessa will know that the pair don’t necessarily like each other. After the drama surrounding the first episode, Michael weighed in with his own opinion on an Instagram fan page for the star.

Nessa Barrett Instagram
Instagram: Nessa Barrett
Nessa Barrett has more than 11 million followers on TikTok

He wrote, “I must’ve missed the memo that Nessa – or anyone for that matter – deserves ‘the world’. The earth is inhabited by ~7B people…last I checked Nessa is just one of them (along with myself and everyone else).” Nessa did not publicly reply but she did unfollow him on Instagram.

It turns out that their beef runs a little deeper. After remaining quite held back with her answers for the first half of the podcast, Nessa suddenly had words to say once Micheal was mentioned by Dave.

(Topic starts at 27:00)

She said, “I do not like him. He’s rude. He hates me. He has it out for me. I think he’s jealous because he’s secretly in love with Josh which is no problem but yeah he has called me ugly to my face and in front of people”

Josh attempted to defend Michael, and said that the word “Ugly” wasn’t used, but instead that “he said my taste in women was not good.”

Nessa continued, “He has said like the beginning of quarantine that he wants to send me on a one-way ticket to Mexico and I’ve been sat there alone and I was 17 like he is just rude…I just don’t waste my energy on him I just don’t like him he’s a terrible person” She also added and emphasized that “he is a certified a**hole.”

Michael is yet to react to Nessa’s brutal takedown, but given his reputation, he is likely to respond very soon.