Dr DisRespect Explains Why Shroud is One of the World’s Most Popular Streamers


Dr DisRespect says Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is so popular on Twitch for good reason, explaining why he can attract over 30,000 viewers every stream.

The Doc himself is also one of the biggest names on Twitch, so he is well positioned to explain what is behind bringing in such a large audience.

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Formerly a professional Counter-Strike player, shroud moved to full time streaming in 2017, and since then has rocketed to the top of the rankings for followers and subscribers.

As other streamers, such as Lirik, have pointed out, it is shroud’s background as a professional player that gives him the edge as a broadcaster, as people know they are getting some serious skill on show.

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And the Doc agrees, going as far as to say that shroud is in fact the best PC gamer that he’s ever seen, on top of being an entertainer.

“Shroud gets 30,000 – 50,000 people, the reason he has 50,000 subscribed to him, is because he’s the best PC gamer, that I’ve ever seen.

He’s literally the best at everything he does play, because he was born on a mouse and keyboard. He showcases something very special, that no one else has.”

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The Doc goes on to say that in addition to his skill, shroud is also just a nice guy, and humble, which makes him easy to watch:

“He’s easy to watch. It’s a comfortable, kick your feet up, let me watch the best PC gamer absolutely destroy.”

It’s a rare moment of the Doc being complimentary, considering he typically claims he is the best gamer to ever do it – and because his character is about disrespect, not respect.

Shroud has clearly gained the ‘respect’ of Dr DisRespect.